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Much has been written about the importance of attaining ‘giclée quality’ standards in prints from paintings or photographs. However, only a small number of those using this practice have successfully set up suitable equipment and, more importantly, acquired the skills and techniques necessary to achieve not only the lasting qualities of giclée prints but also the satisfaction of the artist that the exact atmosphere and colour have been captured and reproduced.

Giclée prints are defined as being museum quality fine-art reproductions (also called archival prints). These art works are made using a high-resolution printer with pigment dye inks on acid-free papers, thus the prospect of lasting the longest period of time currently possible. This, however, does not guarantee that they faithfully reproduce the original artist’s colours and light balances; this required the expertise described on the

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Our work entails the copying and printing of artists’ original paintings and drawings, and the editing and printing of photographers' own images. The equipment and processes have been carefully planned in order to surpass the standard of prints that most suppliers produce. Through a combination of specialist equipment, a highly tailored approach, and additional time and care taken at each step, we produce the highest quality of finished prints, retaining the subtlety of detail and depth and balance of colour of the original image.

Our equipment includes a state-of-the-art Mac Pro computer, a superb quality Leica camera and lenses, specialist filtered lightboxes and a highest quality commercial wide printer. The lightboxes produce the best possible light balance to collect every colour detail, and the work flow between the camera, computer and printer is precisely calibrated to produce stunning results. In addition, at various crucial points during the copying and printing processes, every minute area of the image is checked and adjusted to ensure that it matches the original. This is a highly skilled, time-consuming process. It is also possible to make further colour adjustments manually at the printing stage if necessary. Finally, every printing paper/substrate used has been individually, professionally calibrated to achieve an optimum result.

The majority of commercial printers use scanners for copying, thus avoiding the expensive labour costs of using our system. However, even the most expensive drum scanner cannot approach the colour matching and the final stunning results that we produce with very time consuming and highly skilled personal service.

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          Watercolour Monastry Mount Athos

    Example of photograph & high quality print produced for John Doyle MBE PPRWS

It must be emphasized that to achieve our exceptionally high standard of reproduction, the set up and finishing process requires great skill and several hours work per image, and this is a major key to our success. The resulting giclée art print presented to you will have captured the subtle colours and atmosphere of your original work and will therefore be of considerably higher value than prints produced by other processes.

There is a set-up cost for artists, the initial work that will include one finished print as follows: There is no VAT.

                              A4     11.7” x 8.3”        (297 x 420mm)            £30   1 extra print       £15           5 prints each      £11

                              A3     16.5” x 11.75”    (420 x 297mm)            £35            “                £20                     “                £15

                              A3+   19 x 13”             (483 x 330mm)            £40            “                £25                     “                £18

                              A2     23.5” x 16.5”      (594 x 420mm)            £45            “                £30                     “                £22

If convenient to you, prints can be collected from Wadhurst, East Sussex. If we send the prints to you, post and packing will be at cost, and normally sent Royal Mail. 

Discounts apply for larger quantities, please ask for a quote.

Only the very best quality paper/substrate, such as art print papers from Hahnemuhle are used to match your original.

For photographers, if you supply us with a print to copy, the same fees apply as above. If you email a full size image, the set up fee does not apply and the costs are as the extra print fees above. The quality of the print sent to you will be the absolute best attainable, and on the same high quality art paper as used for all art works.

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