Water colour Edwin Earp 1870

Most of my work entails the copying and printing of artists’ original paintings and drawings. My equipment and processes have been carefully planned in order to surpass the standard of prints that most suppliers produce. Through a combination of specialist equipment, a highly tailored approach, and additional time and care taken at each step, I produce the highest quality of finished prints, retaining the subtlety of detail and depth and balance of colour of the original image.

My equipment includes a state-of-the-art Mac Pro computer, a superb quality camera and lenses, specialist filtered lightboxes and a highest quality commercial wide printer. The lightboxes produce the best possible light balance to collect every colour detail, and the work flow between the camera, computer and printer is precisely calibrated to produce stunning results. In addition, at various crucial points during the copying and printing processes, every minute area of the image is checked and adjusted to ensure that it matches the original. This is a highly skilled, time-consuming process. It is also possible to make further colour adjustments manually at the printing stage if necessary. Finally, every printing paper/substrate that I use has been individually, professionally calibrated to achieve an optimum result.

The majority of commercial printers use scanners for copying, thus avoiding the expensive labour costs of using my system. However, even the most expensive drum scanner cannot approach the colour matching and the final stunning results that I am able to produce with my very time consuming and highly skilled personal service.